In this section of severeme.info you will find promotional material for "Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living". People facing severe ME need to know about this book. You can help us to reach the many thousands of people in need.

Publicity Materials:

Download Fliers

Use the links below to download publicity materials, please make use of these in any way that you can. Fliers can be downloaded and given to patients, carers or professionals. Please note that the fliers are two sided. For those who do not have a printer offering duplex printing, it will be necessary to print one side before the other. You will need the program Adobe Reader to open the fliers; if you do not have this it can be downloaded free www.adobe.com/reader.

Help By Sending Email

Use our 'email text' (link below) to help spread the word. The email text can be copied and pasted into an email and sent to all your contacts. Alternatively, you can just send a link to this website and/or the advertising video.

Download Media Releases

If you’re a journalist, please read the news releases and consider reporting on the book (feel free to quote from any text on this website). If you have any questions send an email to media@severeme.info