Friends and relatives

Sister of a patient, Jenny Butler, writes...

An excellent source of support and information for anyone who has a family member with severe ME; there is particularly good and sensitive advice for siblings and I would advise all family members to read this.

Friend of a patient, Lydia Loehr, writes...

I would have really benefited from this authoritative yet thoroughly readable guide to ME when my best friend became severely ill.  Severe ME is so poorly understood that it is extremely difficult to find reliable information and guidance.  I felt very isolated when my friend was desperately ill.  To make matters worse few people I spoke to could grasp what she was living with or how I might feel about it.  I was scared and deeply concerned for my friend, but with little advice or support available to me I just had to believe in our friendship and remain hopeful for the future.  This book would have made that so much easier.  It would have helped me advocate for and understand my friend; it would have reassured and comforted me; and it would have helped me and my friend to feel closer to one another during some very difficult times.

If someone you care about has severe ME, I strongly recommend this book.