Care Assistants

Homecare Worker/ Healthcare Assistant, Tracey Clarke, writes...

Anyone who is caring for someone with very severe M.E. should read this book; I view it as a virtual training manual for carers.  Until I started to care for someone with very severe ME I was completely unaware of the many severe and distressing symptoms a person with severe ME experiences. 

The book provided comprehensive information of the various ways and methods to provide effective personal and emotional care for a person bedridden with severe ME.  There is also excellent, thorough and extremely helpful information on where to source various equipment and other resources to help with living with severe ME.

This thorough information turns it into a one-stop resource directory for all things relating to severe M.E from where to source suitable mattresses to relaxation CD’s and medication to relieve symptoms.  Through reading this book I have a much greater understanding of the specific needs of someone with severe ME and how best to meet them.  I cannot recommend this book enough.