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In this section of severeme.info you can buy the book!  Either place an order via Pay Pal or download an order form.

“Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living” costs just £5.99 including UK postage!!

No profits will be made from “Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living”.  It is important both to Emily and to AYME that the book is as affordable for people in need as is possible.  They also want patients and carers to be able to purchase extra copies for friends, family and professionals as helping potential supporters to understand can make such a difference to the lives of those suffering from severe ME.

So when deciding how many copies to buy, we ask you to think carefully about who you might want to give it to.  You may also want to consider giving a donation to AYME; the charity is selling the books at a loss to the young members of their organisation who are severely affected and in desperate need of help.

For ordering outside the UK please see our International Orders page.

Online Payment Options Via PayPal:

Buy Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living at the full price of £5.99 per copy
Buy one copy of Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living at the reduced price of £3
(For AYME members registered as Severely Affected)
Donation to AYME You can add a donation to AYME (as each book is being sold for cost price, with reduced priced books for SAMs making a loss) to your order by writing a number here without a £ sign, i.e. 5 rather than £5)

Gift Aid If you add Gift Aid to your donation the Government will pay to AYME the income tax that you have already paid on your donation. This means that AYME will earn 22% more from your donation at no expense to you. You must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the charity reclaims on your donations in the appropriate tax year.

Payment via Order Form:

Download the order form (PDF 24Kb)

(Please note: you will require Adobe Reader to view the order form; this can be downloaded free from www.adobe.com/reader).