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In this section you can learn more about the publishing charity, AYME, and read comments from AYME's CEO.

The Association of Young People with ME, known as AYME (pronounced 'aim'), is a national registered charity providing support, friendship and information to children and young people (aged 26 or under) with ME.

The charity was established in 1996 and has extensive experience of the impact that ME has on the lives of children and young people.  Free to join, members have access to a wide range of services including a bi-monthly magazine, active online community, pen pal and text pal schemes, postal library and special support schemes for the severely affected.  A helpline provides advice to members and their families as well as health, social care and education professionals and a national support worker is available to help those in crisis.  Numerous useful publications are available both in print and on the web. There are lots of volunteering opportunities for members, helping to rebuild confidence, reinforce the family feel of the organisation and give children and young people with ME a sense of purpose.  A support network and newsletter is available for parents; individuals with ME who are aged over 26 but wish to be involved with AYME can join AYME Grads.

AYME puts an end to the terrible isolation experienced by children and young people with ME and works with families, professionals and the wider community to help solve many of the problems they face and improve their quality of life.

Mary-Jane Willows, CEO of AYME, speaks about "Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living".

At AYME, we have been aware for some time of the desperate need that exists for extensive advice and information on the topic of severe ME/CFS and so we were thrilled to be approached as potential publishers for "Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living" by Emily Collingridge. 

ME/CFS is always a debilitating condition, but when experienced in its severe form it is utterly devastating and extremely frightening.  Through my work for AYME I have seen firsthand the major care and support needs of those who are severely affected.  But I have also seen how neglected this group are.  The are a very limited number of medical professionals who know about very severe ME/CFS and so the help available to these very sick people is extremely limited.  Patients - and the carers upon who they depend 24 hours a day - are frequently left to struggle alone.

AYME work hard to support young people with severe ME/CFS and their families as well as to guide the health, social care and education professionals involved with them.  So the opportunity to publish a book which will provide detailed and up-to-date knowledge and information to all these groups has been very exciting for us.  We are confident that "Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living" will transform understanding of severe ME amongst all those who can help patients and bring tremendous relief to patients of all ages, their carers and loved ones. 

Emily Collingridge was one of AYME's first volunteers and we have always known her skills and expertise to be exceptional.  However, no-one could fail to be impressed by what Emily has achieved with this book.  Her own ME has, at times, been shocking in its extremity (even to those of us with extensive experience of the illness) and she continues to suffer daily.  How someone who still needs 24 hour care and high doses of morphine can produce a book of such quality and value is quite astonishing.  Emily has invested every ounce of the strength she has into "Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living"; on behalf of all those affected by severe ME, AYME would like to express enormous gratitude to her.

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